TOPSHAPE offers an exclusive, private(no shares), luxury fishing experience in Kona, Hawaii. Our meticulously maintained 43' Cabo boat, with top-notch tournament ready gear and experienced captain and crew ensure that your fishing charter be the highlight of your time in Kona.

The TOPSAHPE Kona fishing experience is easy to enjoy: just bring a hat, sunscreen, a lunch (can be provided upon request) and some luck. We'll take care of the rest.

We practice Tag and Release for all Billfish (if they come up alive). We will gladly cut up other fish for you.

Full Day Charter - 8 hours - 8am to 4pm - $990 plus gratuity (15-20%)

Three-quarters - 6 hours - 8am to 2pm - $890 plus gratuity (15-20%)

Half day - 4 hours - 8am to 12 noon - $790 plus gratuity (15-20%)

We do charter for tournaments. We have a very experienced crew with over 85 years of competitive fishing. This crew has won many Tournaments over the years. We have fished ( million plus tournaments on down. If interested contact Captain Al)

Hats - $30
Short sleeve shirts - $20
Long sleeve shirts - $25

— Any charter that exceeds 8 hours will add an additional $200 per additional hour.
— Please do not bring any bottles or aerosol sunscreen on board. Use only rub on type sunscren.
— Please do not wear dark soled shoes on board.
— Topshape reserves the right to add a fuel surcharge per trip if fuel goes over $5.00 per gallon.

Because of fluctuating fuel prices our prices may fluctuate with no notice.